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Welcome to our community!
Thank you for stopping at Role Play Gamers community!
Signing up is easy and simple, and most applications are accepted!

As a community we have rules, our server has many set rules to keep everyone in check. These rules are meant to keep our server stable and everyone in tact. If you have any issues with our rules or any questions make sure to let us know. These rules must be followed at all times, if someone breaks one of these rules please report them on teamspeak or on these forums. =RPG='s Malden Life rules can be found here.

Becoming Cop or Medic:
To become a member of the MPD or of the EMS you first need to apply for full member, becoming a full member just allows us to get a little more information about you and initiate your way into our community. You can apply here. After that is done you can choose either of the two to apply for and fill in your application. Please make sure to read and reach the word minimum requirement otherwise your application will be denied.

What we have to offer!
• A Discord Server -
• An Arma 3 Malden Life Server - IP:
• Respectful community
• Active members and admins
• A Steam Group -

Our Goals:
• Grow as a community.
• Get more staff.

Invite your friends!
In order for us to gain our goal of becoming a bigger community we would like to ask you to invite your friends with this link: ( http://www.rpgamerslife.c ... om/ ) it's so simple all you have to do is tell them to come on over to a group that you are in that plays games just like you, hand them the link above and ask them to register.

Help expand our visibility!
You can do this simply by putting =RPG= or if you prefer [RPG] in front of your steam name or any other multiplayer game name! ex. (arma 3, steam, ex.)

Applicant Perks:
[Once you apply you will have a trial period where we will see your skills and how you work with others. This player will need to be involved as much as possible in the teamspeak, with the group and on the website.]
• More Access
• Can enter in giveaways
• Can enter in tournaments
• Considered a more involved member
[To apply either hit the Apply button at the top right or click here]
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6th Jul erounfaiva just joined our community, welcome!
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