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Staff Application
Joined: 31st Mar 2015
Rank: Role Play Gamers
Likes 0
3rd May 2015

What is your in-game name?

RPG Decelerate
How old  hat is your in-game name?

pretty old

How old are you?

How many days in a week are you on our server?

alot when it is up
How long have you been a member of Role Play Gamers?

like 5 months
Why do you want to be a staff member? (At least 1 paragraphs)

i would like to be a staff member beacause i would like to be able to enforce the rules and services of the good people of r.p.g i love this community and i beleive its the best in the world i would love to be a respected member of the community myself
Have you been a Moderator/Admin in the past? If so who's staff team where you apart of and why did you leave/get kicked?
no ive never been a admin for r.p.g

Are you Banned currently on any ArmA III Servers? (We Check ID's)

How many hours do you have on ArmA III?

Are you prepared to prove your skills when asked to do so? (Explain) 

What is your steam ID? 


List actions you have done in the past to help our community/clan? (Recruitment, Make GFX, etc) 
ive been part of helping alot of the members with computer issues and ive also reported a member (ryan scott) for bad and disrespectful behavior in the team speak

How can you help and make our community/clan better? 
i can help with pc issues and keeping the respect and self esteem levels of members high

Tell us a little about yourself? (1 paragraph)

I am a 14 year old gamer from Massachuetts  USA  i love this community and i strive to make it better i am good friends with THEBUTTERY_T  TRACKERJACKER96 WOLF TK and alot of other members aswell as the admins i have also recuited alot of people to join the RPG network and i love it here i dont like spirts that much and i prefer gaming i love talking to people and meeting new friends. I hope that i get accepted to be an admin of this great network thank you.

Joined: 19th Jan 2015
Rank: Administrator
Likes 6
3rd May 2015

Hello Decelerate, we have read your application and are now putting you through your trial. You will be set to a trial moderator for a week so we can see how to you do.
Joined: 14th Dec 2014
Rank: Administrator
Likes 33
3rd May 2015

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