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Server Review (Arma 3 Life Malden)
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Joined: 23rd Jun 2017
Rank: Moderator
Likes 3
23rd Jun 2017

Hello, my name is Eldar. I've frequented a lot of servers from the time of Arma 1 till 3. I like to give my feedback where and when I can to servers there are others like me who may look at the website before ever joining the server. So without any further ado:

Staff: The staff here I have spoken with are great. Very polite and courteous which is quite rare to see in Arma servers today where generally most server admins are young and aggressive or flat out immature. They are quick to respond to you in teamspeak to answer questions or deal with compensation issues/player complaints.

Server: Server quality seems to run fine even at peak times which is great, however vehicles not storing when not in garage after restarts is a giant nuisance and has cost me a lot of money. That issue needs to be fixed ASAP for the server to maintain a new player-base consistently. 

Script: The script is great, it's a touch of vanilla life personalized enough to be unique. It reminds me of Arma 2 life, which I consider to be the "Golden Age" of Arma life as a whole. Malden is really perfect for life as there is plenty of Roleplay Opportunity to be had. It can use some TLC however in order to maximize it's entertainment value. 1. There needs to be another drug dealer (Perferably in the north) as it stands it is extremely cop/alpha gang biased. Unfortunately the locations of the two drug dealers do not allow for much of a tactical approach with how wide open it is, while RP is paramount you will have to approach dangerous areas prepared and there isn't much of an option with these. 2. I think the prices need to be adjusted a bit, There is a near 650k jump in price from a MH-900 Helicopter to a Orca. Which is absolutely crazy paired with the vehicle glitch that causes it to vanish if out during a server restart. Beyond that the script is great for the map and provides a adequate balance between farming for cash and roleplaying.

Rules/Playerbase: The rules are pretty much what you would come to expect for a serious Arma RP server. The key diffrence here is by a stroke of blind luck (I presume also a push from the staff team) the playerbase generally wants to abide by the rules and create a immersive RP environment Arma has not seen in ages. (Island Life Gaming Arma 2 is a close comparison). Cops are respectful and do not appear to have a inflated ego, while players are quick to help others with questions they may have. Being a new server you still run into RDM'ers but as mentioned before the Staff team is quick and efficient at handling those situations.

Closing thoughts: This server shows massive potential and the way the rules and staff are organized really takes me back to a time when Arma 2 provided more fun through the interactions of the playerbase than through sheer DM. Life has always existed to serve a different end of the spectrum beyond that of the standard "Go here, kill player go back" mentality that DayZ established into the Arma community. With continued work and dedication from the admins and developers I see this server becoming a Icon and rolemodel for other life servers to follow. I've played about 12 hours now and I can really say I'm impressed and you should most definitely consider giving this server a try if you miss the days of immersive Arma 2 RP. At the end of the day, it's always the players that set the environment of the server and the current playerbase is doing a fantastic job of establishing what it means to RP.  Even though the server is in it's infancy I forsee it going a long way. Come play with us! Hats off to the server owners.
Last Edit: 23rd Jun 2017 by Eldar
Joined: 23rd Jun 2017
Rank: Moderator
Likes 3
23rd Jun 2017

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