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1st Aug 2017

v2.0.0 - The tuning shop update + xp doubled from processing + xp doubled from hunting + other xp gain increase.

v1.9.9 - Trinite spawn edit + gathering evidence fix + debit card fix with licenses + xp gained from processing depends on how much you process + more ways to gain xp + gps trackers(rebel shop) + can not knock out / use gps tracker / lockpick in safe zone.

v1.9.8 - Debit card fixes and additions, can use debit card to buy licenses + few map updates / fixes + various of other small fixes + entire exp system changed, drugs you now need to gain access to from the talent tree, new perks, gain 2 talent points every 5 levels.

v1.9.7 - Black Jack fixes + debit card system added + debit card spawn perk added + new market menu + new casino building / area.

v1.9.6 - Few quick fixes.

v1.9.5 - Metal at jail issue fixed + scopes and mags drop when shooting a weapon in safe zone aswell now + gold transport fix.

v1.9.4 - Map fixes + insta revive glitch fixed + casino changes.

v1.9.3 - Fix on scroll wheel actions + gates at hq and doc only open to cops.

v1.9.2 - CPR Kits re-added for civs + CPR Kit / medics don't work if shots have been fired near + few bug fixes.

v1.9.1 - Market updates + removed cpr kits temporarily from civs.

v1.9.0 - Fixed medic evidence exploit.

v1.8.9 - Tuning shop revert (fix garage) + cop break in notf changed to go after door broken in.

v1.8.8 - Tuning shop material fixes + fixed uranium (broke from last update).

v1.8.7 - Fixed house furniture: Malden Map + changed the way cop pat down works (only strips clothing/mask if illegal) + fixed possible house money duping glitch + updated fuel stations + can now only break into houses if the owner is online.

v1.8.6 - Anti-hack additions + police HQ fixes/additions.

v1.8.5 - New police HQ.

v1.8.4 - Oil rig fixes/additions + new house furniture: Malden Map.

v1.8.3 - Oil rig added with terrorist shop + removed 7.62 weapons from rebel shop + added new weapons in rebel shop + added higher caliber weapons in terrorist shop + added mos/dms in terrorist shop.

v1.8.2 - Bridge fixes/additions and new civilian trinite spawn.

v1.8.1 - Added bridge connecting main land to eastern island + uranium proccessing moved + rebel is now a talent needed to earn to get access to rebel training + lawyer is now a talent needed to become a lawyer.

v1.8.0 - Added cruise control and car radio to vehicles + exploit fixes + jail anti-glitch out + phone text fixes.


Last Edit: 2nd Aug 2017 by TheBUTTERY_T
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