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Status and Future of The Community
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Joined: 23rd Jun 2017
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1st Aug 2017


Hello Role Play Gamers! It is with great satisfaction I announce that we have done somewhat of a major overhaul to the forums we all know and love. It was very much needed and generally we were all too preoccupied to get it done, but we have completed the vast majority of these changes and I will detail them a little later in this post.

It's August 1st today, the staff team has had one HELL of a July to deal with. Between the very unexpected server moves, host related crashes and a few bad eggs in the community we have persevered through and are still growing larger by the day! With that, we acknowledge there are some faults that we have yet to remedy.


As stated previously, we have been hit with an unbelievable amount of issues one after another. In this state of emergency we overlooked what made us great as a server and a community. We acknowledge that the Malden Police Department is in somewhat of chaos at the moment with leadership being too few and overall activity of the department falling. This is largely in part due to those server issues as well as my Leave of Absence due to moving and switching career paths, as the head of the Training and Recruitment division I am a critical piece of the puzzle for allowing our officers to be well trained in not only being an officer but in being a proper RP'er. As of tomorrow I will be returning to full activity now that I have my life straight again and will be directing ALL of my focus on getting the MPD up to speed to be a better department for YOU, the community.

In addition, we know that some rules will need to be audited again and sent back to the drawing board for review. As is the great check and balance system of the community that is vital to our operations. We are constantly looking for ways to change and modify our scripts, our staff team and our rules to benefit the community in the best way possible.

We know that applications are piling up and we are doing our utmost best to get through them all as quickly as possible. (We don't mass accept or deny and every application is read through by a member of our staff team) I'd like to take the time to state that we are a VERY small staff team and are looking to expand it to cover all of the timezones and get a more consistent flowing staff team to strengthen the backbone of the community. It is a slow process as we vet applicants and as those are accepted advance through their trial period. Our server owner Buttery is working around the clock 24/7 at adding new content, fixing broken scripts and advancing our anti-hack systems, as such he is EXTREMELY busy and does not always have the time to be in-game or answer all requests this is why we have a chain of command and various forum board and sub-boards to communicate with the staff. If you need assistance from a staff member, you can ALWAYS PM us on the forums we don't mind answering questions or assisting you.

[Forum Changes:]
1. Sized down randomly placed forums by incorporating sub-boards to match the content of the parent boards. (IE: News and Announcements now contains the rules, Complaints is now divided into specific categories, Applications has added "Under Review to allow applicants to know their app is being reviewed. As well as other small changes that the staff can observe.

2. We have added in unique boards for both the MPD and EMS to communicate more effectively across timezones and various times when High Command is not available due to X reason. While we don't have it completely finished yet, it will be up by the end of the week. Only members of said departments may see these boards.

3. A Gang Area has been added as a sub-board to Malden Life allowing you to share your gang's bio/roster as well as bolster recruitment via your own set methods of applications. It does have it's own unique set of rules.

4. Complaints have added the three specific types (Staff, Player, Server) with rules and formats for each respective type of complaint. In addition, we have also added a "Requesting Compensation" section to complaints so that you do not HAVE to sit and wait in Teamspeak for hours on end waiting for a staff member. We can get it to it as soon as we are able and comp you without ever having to limit your playtime (Provided there is proper evidence.) You may submit Staff Complaints, however after submission they will not be visible to you or other members just the Staff Team. We do this to protect your privacy as well as the Staffs. We will notify the poster of any and all action taken as a result of the complaint.

5. I may have missed a few but they are all live and ready for you to view! Let me know if I missed anything.

[Closing Statement(s)]

As we continue to mold our community into a snowball of ever evolving game-play and efficiency we would like to say "Thanks!" we wouldn't be able to do any of this without your time and attentiveness. We are constantly striving to make RPG a better place for all and stay one step ahead of the mega servers. Your feedback is extremely important to us, we're human and may not always remember each and every conversation we may have, so we highly suggest using the "Suggestions" board to keep us in the loop. We have (More specifically Buttery) have been under a LOT of stress in the last month but we're pushing through and overcoming these minor shortfalls. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to stay with us through it all. We hope to have many months (Hopefully years) providing you with quality content and a immersive experience you will remember and revere. The dark cloud has passed, and we as a whole move steadily towards the light.

-Your moderator, Eldar.
Signing Off.
Last Edit: 1st Aug 2017 by Eldar
Joined: 14th Dec 2014
Rank: Administrator
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1st Aug 2017

Take your time getting everything settled man, glad to see you back and everything well!


Forum » Forums » News & Announcements
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