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Probable Cause
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15th Feb 2016

What Is Probable Cause?

Probable cause is a reasonable belief that a person has committed or will commit a crime.
For probable cause to exist, a police officer must have sufficient knowledge of facts to warrant a belief that a suspect is committing a crime.
The belief must be based on factual evidence, not just on suspicion.

Sources of Probable Cause

Observation - Information obtained by an officer through observation.

Circumstantial evidence - Indirect evidence that implies something occurred but does not directly prove it.  The circumstances surrounding the facts can be used to reasonably infer guilt or innocence.

Expertise - The training of police officers which enables them to identify certain movements, gestures, preparations, or tools as tending to indicate criminal activity.

Information - Includes statements by witnesses, victims, and informants.

Sensory – If the officer detects evidence of a crime simply through sight, smell or hearing, the officer has probable cause. This includes the smell of marijuana or other drugs from inside a vehicle.

Consent – if the defendant agrees to a search, then probable cause is automatically created.


Forum » Forums » ArmA 3 Malden Life Locked
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