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Debit/Credit Cards
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Joined: 6th Jan 2017
Rank: Role Play Gamers
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29th Jan 2017

Currently the only way to buy things is cash (which makes sense), but i feel like an alternative would be a good idea. The main alternative would be debit cards, but then that makes cash pretty much useless and robbing people not worth doing anymore. So I think it would be a good idea to have illegal items be purchased with cash only. 

If debit cards are added one idea i had would be the credit/ debit card skimmers 

Skimmers are a device that is placed on any type of card reader. The card and it either uploads the info to a server or gets saved on an SD card inside of the skimmer. Skimmers could be sold at rebel market and placed at any shop that would take a debit card. To ensure it is balanced give it a 10~20% chance to take ~5% of the cash in a persons ATM. 

It could also be used on an ATM but that might be to OP.
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Joined: 30th Dec 2016
Rank: MPD Patrol Officer
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29th Jan 2017

Might not be a bad idea but the way we could implement theft is if you are robbed of your card they can withdraw up to a certain amount at a time like in real life and the original card holder could then cancel the card and buy a new one keeping the thief from being able to withdraw anymore. Same as real life if it is stilen then you can cancel the card and get a new one. Be pretty interesting but you are right some things should still require cash. Good idea thanks for the request.
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Joined: 7th Jul 2017
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7th Jul 2017

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