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Ship Wrecks? (Yes/No) VOTE
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Ship Wreck Missions?


Joined: 14th Dec 2014
Rank: Administrator
Likes 33
18th May 2017

What are your guys thoughts of adding ship wrecks. Basically you would need to gear up to dive into the deep seas and find crashed ships at set markers. These ships could have loot that you could than sell for cash. What do you think? Yes or no? Vote on the poll!


Joined: 16th Apr 2017
Rank: Role Play Gamers
Likes 0
18th May 2017

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Joined: 4th May 2017
Rank: Donator
Likes 0
18th May 2017

Yeah right on but no AI.
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Joined: 19th May 2017
Rank: Role Play Gamers
Likes 1
20th May 2017

I think it would be a good addition to the server, however I think it should have a lot of value to make people want to go gear up and buy a boat to go get the loot.
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