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Joined: 4th May 2017
Rank: Donator
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29th Jun 2017

I just want unbanned i donated and everything for this server and stayed on it when there was only 10 of us im sorry i got LolBeansly's ip and i did just want to mess with him, I think it should be up to the people not the staff.
Joined: 4th May 2017
Rank: Donator
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29th Jun 2017

Please be nice and care about how i feel this server means a lot to me i spent a lot of time and detication to the server and showing my true character im ready to come back whenever you are?
Joined: 23rd Jun 2017
Rank: Moderator
Likes 3
30th Jun 2017

Yea I vote no. I have nothing against you but you decided to throw a temper tantrum when you were punished. Like a 5 year old kid whoms mum took away the pacifier. You acted like an idiot on the cop force, then proceeded to issue DDoS threats (That's so low and immature) to Bean. In my humble opinion you can stay gone and that toxic attitude is not welcome here. Have a great day!
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FrankieFrazer (Banned)
Joined: 22nd Jun 2017
Rank: --
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12th Jul 2017

I feel so sorry for you, and your sob story gave me goosebumps.
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Le Frankie Frazer

Joined: 25th Jun 2017
Rank: Role Play Gamers
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21st Jul 2017


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Forum » Forums » Server Suggestions
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