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Vehicle Storage [Please fix ASAP]
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Add it to where Vehicles return to players garages on DC/Server restart


Joined: 23rd Jun 2017
Rank: Moderator
Likes 3
24th Jun 2017

I don't know if its an intended feature to prevent exploits or what the deal is. Vehicles NEED to be returned to players garages upon crash/disconnect. It is getting ridiculous and server crashes are happening more frequently. I've lost 4 in total, 2 of which happens tonight JUST on server crashes alone. There is absolutely NO reason to not have vehicles return to garage if it's to prevent exploits there are plenty of logs through both Infistar and Arma itself to catch anyone abusing that feature.

That's THREE MILLION I lost in a span of two days, 30 Orca runs down the drain. (Not including the drugs that were in there each time or the 75k retrieval fee.) Admins generally do not refund Orca's unless you have proof due to their price (Which is a bit of an issue as well, seeing as how server crashes are inconsistent.) I cannot run Shadowplay and play Arma 3 above 25 fps so I SS what I can but often times the crash will occur outside of the vehicle. It is incredibly frustrating and makes me not wanna play if all my efforts are going to be in vain.

I know I'm not the only one irritated by this, I can't be. It completely ruins the experience. I play at night due to work schedule and also so I can farm up enough to start a gang. So frustrating. Bit of a rant I apologize but I cannot express how aggravated this makes me.

Some proof to backup my claim of crash:

Proof I was online so it was the server and not my connection:

Joined: 14th Dec 2014
Rank: Administrator
Likes 33
24th Jun 2017

Hello Eldar, I would like to inform you we have considered this and will be looking into something of the sorts. I would also like to say that these screenshots are enough for you to get comp. Join teamspeak for compensation. Thank you for your time and efforts to better the server.


Last Edit: 24th Jun 2017 by TheBUTTERY_T
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