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Alan McCloud MPD application
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Joined: 17th Jan 2016
Rank: Role Play Gamers
Likes 2
29th Jul 2017

Full In Game Name? = Alan Clegaine
Date of Birth [MM/DD/YYYY] = 07/09/1997
What country do you currently live in? = United States
Do you have any past experience as an officer? Why do you want to become one? [Minimum 120 words] = I was a SGT on olympus. Police Chief on DToX gamming. I like the RP aspect of being an officer. Not just shooting to kill when someone runs, but actually doing stuff with civilians. Making them feel welcome to the server, and showing them what good RP is like so they may pass it along, and hopefully stick with it.
What skills do you possess to benefit the police department? [Minimum 150 words] = I am an excellent Pilot and a great sniper. I also am exceptionally skilled at RP, as I have 4 years into arma life servers, and most my hours on the game are in life servers, and police/medic. I feel that those skills alone should allow me a chance to get into the police force to show more of what I can do in game.
If you observed an MPD officer use his authority in a manner it wasn’t attended what would you do? = I would ask him in private why he did that, and if he gave a realistic reason, I would go with it, but if it was because he was annoyed, I would report it to a superior immediately.
What would you do if your supervisor told you to do something you didn't feel was right? = I would comply, and if I thought it was truly wrong report it to the police chief, or admin. 
If you are in a gang and are MPD how would you deal with them if are doing something illegal? = Deal with them as any other scum
How many hours can you dedicate to the MPD weekly? = 6-20
Do you understand that if you're found breaking SOP's you will receive some form of punishment? = Yes
Last Edit: 29th Jul 2017 by Skogen
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