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darkness7966 - EMS WhiteList Application
Forum » Forums » Accepted
Joined: 2nd Aug 2017
Rank: EMS
Likes 0
11th Aug 2017

I just filled out application 'EMS WhiteList Application'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Full In Game Name? = Robert Anderson
Age = 25
Date of Birth [MM/DD/YYYY] = 01031992
How long have you been a part of the community?: = 1 week
Why do you want to join the Malden Emergency Serices? [85 Words Minimum] = I would like to become apart of the Malden medical team, to help and assist in people of Malden, I would like to help clean up, treat and help any person who requires my attention I have a full medical background and would like to continue it in the game as well I enjoy interacting with members of the community and feel I could benefit the community and the server.
What skills can you provide to the Malden Emergency Services? [50 Words Minimum] = I am a very good pilot can land almost anywhere on the map with any helicopter, I have more than 300 hours flying at this time. I am on the server quite alot also very active and can respond to an incident faster than most others
Why should you be accepted over the other applicants? = Because there isn't any other applicants
Have you ever been in this role before? If so state when: = N/A
Forum » Forums » Accepted
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