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Jack Binks - MPD WhiteList Application
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Joined: 11th Aug 2017
Rank: Role Play Gamers
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11th Aug 2017

I just filled out application 'MPD WhiteList Application'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Full In Game Name? = Jack Binks
Date of Birth [MM/DD/YYYY] = 11/29/2001
What country do you currently live in? = United States
Do you have any past experience as an officer? Why do you want to become one? [Minimum 120 words] = Yes I have plenty of experience as an officer. I was an officer on Abeloth Altis Life for about 5 months, reaching Lieutenant. I want to become an officer because I have notice that there aren't many officers available at all times, and I usually have a very open schedule so I could solve that issue. Another reason I would like to become an officer is because I feel I can bring a certain skillset to the table and do a good job doing so, and maybe help others become better cops than they once were. And the last reason is, I think being an officer is a very good way to have great roleplay and bring a larger population to the server.
What skills do you possess to benefit the police department? [Minimum 150 words] = I feel that I have pretty decent leadership skills, am generally a happy guy, and I know when it is time to be serious and truly solve any issues at hand. I am decent in combat and I can negotiate decently well. And if I truly do try I can be very good in roleplay. Another skill is that I never lose my temper and the civilian is always right until I have solid evidence that he is not. And probably my best skill is that I always try to learn new tactics in all situations, I try to stay on a continuous learning curve and I also try to teach others in the same manner. I have also noticed and learned that the SWAT team is very short staffed and could use new officers in said unit, and I feel I could be a heavy asset to my fellow officers, and the civilians.
If you observed an MPD officer use his authority in a manner it wasn’t attended what would you do? = Observe and report to a higher ranking officer in private...
What would you do if your supervisor told you to do something you didn't feel was right? = Follow the order, and then speak to a higher rank
If you are in a gang and are MPD how would you deal with them if are doing something illegal? = Like you have no idea who they are and treat them like any other criminal
How many hours can you dedicate to the MPD weekly? = It varies due to sports, but about 10-25+
Do you understand that if you're found breaking SOP's you will receive some form of punishment? = Yes
Forum » Forums » Accepted
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