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John Smith - MPD WhiteList Application
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Joined: 14th Jan 2017
Rank: Role Play Gamers
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30th Jul 2017

I just filled out application 'MPD WhiteList Application'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Full In Game Name? = John Smith
Date of Birth [MM/DD/YYYY] = 12/1/00
What country do you currently live in? = United States
Do you have any past experience as an officer? Why do you want to become one? [Minimum 120 words] = I want to be a part of the Metro Police Department because of my leadership skills and working well under pressure which has gotten me through, very tough and others thought to be impossible situations, from Hostages to Drug Raids to even Federal Reserve robbery attempts. Also, with my 2462 hours on Arma 3, and 25% of them being a police official on Dtox Gaming, and Abeloth 75% of my total hours on Arma 3, being spent on Altis Life servers. Next, I’m a strict role player and want to get involved in a role that enhances my role play on RPGamers, and is a much greater experience just being a normal civilian. Also I know that I will enjoy the experience of role playing that an officer has, because of the studies I put into to law (In Real Life) and I know that my main priority as a police official is the safety of the public of Malden. Finally, I believe through my past experiences and my motivation to become more than just a civilian, on RPGamers.
What skills do you possess to benefit the police department? [Minimum 150 words] = Apart from my leadership, marksmanship, knowledge of how to cop, and being able to work well under pressure. As well as my teachability, and mindset of (shut-up and march mentality). As I love to enforce the law, as if it is behind a bench, or behind a desk, enforcing the law is my number 1 passion. Also my positive attitude and motivation has known to be contagious within a police force. As well as a skilled marksmen, and a decent rping, I think I'd be a lethal weapon for the police department to utilize throughout my time on the police force. As this question I find is asking for me to inflate my own ego, and I will say, that I posses the skills to keep cool, calm, and collected, as well as humble, in a stressful situation. In conclusion, these are the skills that I posses that would benefit the Malden police department.
If you observed an MPD officer use his authority in a manner it wasn’t attended what would you do? = I would report it ASAP to a higher ranking officer, I wouldn't not (in any way/shape/form) call him or her out on it, as that leads to conflict and drama, which can not and does not work, within a police force.
What would you do if your supervisor told you to do something you didn't feel was right? = Complete task to 100%, not questioning it once. Although I would bring it to the attention of that officer's higher up, as like before Drama and Conflict do not work within a police department.
If you are in a gang and are MPD how would you deal with them if are doing something illegal? = As anyone would, they are criminals, if committing a crime. As well as my civilian and cop are 2 completely different gentlemen.
How many hours can you dedicate to the MPD weekly? = Depends, if I am able to become a judge, a lot less, but otherwise about 20ish hours, weekly. When players are on, as cops are useless when no civilians are on.
Do you understand that if you're found breaking SOP's you will receive some form of punishment? = Absolutely
Forum » Forums » Accepted
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